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Tax Planning

You can't wait until April 15 and hope you have enough deductions. You need a Proactive Tax Strategy considers your finances and develops specific concepts and Lee Byrd, EA Tax Services in Louisville, KYtactics to keep more of what you work hard to earn.

My goal is to give you the lowest tax bill allowed by law. So my job starts with giving you that Tax Plan. In order to best serve your interest I attend several tax seminars annually, as well as other tax education events and classes. You will receive up to date, practical tax advice.

Tax Strategies Include:

  • Split income between family members and your business entities to keep income in the lowest bracket possible.
  • Defer income through investments, such as retirement savings and pensions plans
  • move income and/or expenses from the current year to the next to reduce taxes.
  • Using either federal or state tax exempt investments.
  • Hire your children to finance their education.

Tax Preparation

Most accountants, CPA's and tax preparers work with every type of taxpayer. We specialize in assisting businesses and individuals that want year-round Proactive advice and strategies that save tax dollars.

We do more than take your numbers, fill in the blanks, and then hand you a return. We develope Tax Strategies for you!

When we prepare your return:

  • We double -check your return -- by computer and by hand -- to identify potential IRS problems and eliminte mathemaical errors.
  • We file your return electronicaly so that you get your refund faster.
  • A Tax Summary is prepared for your review and discussion.
  • We're here year round to answer tax questions and address any problems.

Tax Problems

As an Enrolled Agent my primary job is to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service. I am efficient, affordable, and confidential. IRS problems don't go away by themselves. They just get more expensive, with more interest and more penalties.

You may need an expert to assist you if:

  • You've gotten a Audit Notice
  • You've failed to file tax returns
  • You owe back taxes
  • You have payroll tax problems
  • Your bank acount has been levied
  • You have an IRS Lien against your home
  • The IRS has Garnished your Paycheck
  • The IRS is Threatening to Seize your Personal Property

I can help you solve all of those problems. If you are experiencing problems with the IRS, please contact me.


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